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Cleaning my eyelash extensions

December 8, 2016


How do I clean my eyelash extensions?

All of us want our eyelash extensions to last as long as possible, right? There’s nothing more depressing than when you do something awful to them (i.e. steam facial with lots of oil, where the therapist will not stay away from your eye area!) and you notice the little buggers starting to come off, so you might be asking yourself – How do I clean eyelash extensions?

Water, fortunately, is not one of the things that you need to avoid.  Eyelash extensions, once properly cured, become relatively waterproof. Many people seem to think, that because we tell you in the aftercare instructions, not to wet your eyelashes for 24 hours, this means do not wet them. Ever.

This is actually incorrect, and you do need to get them wet regularly in order to clean them. Improper cleansing of your eyelashes/extensions and eyelids can actually cause a few problems that will mean your extensions end up not lasting as long as they should.

Blepharitis is a common problem amongst those who do not have good eyelid hygiene. It’s the inflammation of the eyelid and it seems to be a condition that is annoying and irritating rather than dangerous.

Basically, dead skin cells when not washed away properly can build up on the eyelids, and cause itchiness and inflammation. It can cause the eyes/eyelids to feel itchy, block the hair follicles, and they can even end up looking a bit red and sore. Then you end up itching your eyes and playing with you extensions (even in your sleep when you don’t even realize you’re doing it!) and they start to come off. Some people that have blepharitis think they are having a minor allergic reaction to eyelash extensions. Then when they start proper cleansing of their lids and extensions, they discover that they are not at all, because the itchiness disappears very quickly! I have seen this occur myself with clients who are not washing their eyelids properly in order to get their extensions to last, but the reverse happens. When they start up a proper cleansing regimen, their eyes feel much better and their extensions last longer!

It is worse when one wears very thick/dense eyelash extensions, and then coats them in mascara (which we NEVER recommend) because as you can imagine, they are almost impossible to clean well.

It sounds absolutely horrid, but luckily it is easily treated/managed, and even more easily prevented, and the majority of people that suffer it can continue to wear eyelash extensions with no issues at all.

A second reason is that if you have an oily complexion, and/or also if you’ve been wearing makeup or moisturizer that does contain some amount of oil in it, some of this oil will end up on your eyelash extensions. If you never wash them, the oil remains there, building up, and slowly eating away at the eyelash adhesive. All eyelash adhesives are attacked by oil. The less oily you let your eyelash extensions get (by using oil free products – see here for more details, using a blotting powder or papers, and by cleaning your eyelash extensions properly) generally the better your extensions will last.

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